Scenery Of Australia

These photos here are places here that I have been to in Australia. I love being able to have both the bush and the beach within close range. Which is the beauty of this country which I call home. But my time to travel and see the rest of the world is at hand. I will always know that whatever happens Australia will still be my home. Maybe I will choose to live elsewhere in the world away from Australia but I know that I will always have a home back here to come back to if I need it. This is always comforting to know. I do indeed like the country of Australia but I love to travel and see other countries with my own eyes and other senses as well. It is good to be able to go where your heart desires. The rosebush on the bottom was mine that I got from Kelly's Dad and his wife for a birthday present. I would much rather have the bush than the rose because the rose will die and you cannot stop it, but you can keep the bush alive and it will have many roses on it in it's life.

Bush 1   Bush 1

Waterfall 1   Waterfall 3   Waterfall 2

Sunset 1   Sunrise 1   Sunset 2

Rose Bush 1   Rose Bush 2

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